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  • Chanel "Nelly"

The Power of Change....

I’ve finally allotted time to update my blog. What a wonderful feeling!! The struggle is real ya’ll. So much in life has changed that all I can do is keep up! Like most people, I’m in tune with what is going on with the coronavirus and take it very seriously. So in March 2020 after seeing how swiftly the virus ran rampant, we made an executive decision to home school our boys. At first, we all were a bit nervous but optimistic that home school would be a good experience. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. The boys are flourishing in all their academics with the help of Mom and Dad working as Learning Coaches. This approach has been our success. We’re organized, and consistent with planning. This approach most definitely is a benefit to the kids.

On another note, I launched a business in the middle of a pandemic! I truly was worried just how COVID-19 would effect the world and if I even made the right decision. In the end, things really worked out well. I truly believe that their no greater gift than having your calling, and actually fulfilling that purpose.

With all the life changes I’ve been learning to cut out the unnecessary. Like simple trips inside the grocery store and the intake of eating out. I recently signed up for HelloFresh and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself and family. The selection of food is amazing and the taste is superb. We’ve had everything from sirloin with roasted potatoes and carrots to Ramen bowls in Shoyu Style Broth. I definitely recommend you to try! For me personally, ordering from HelloFresh has been a long time coming. Now that I’ve been inducted, there’s no going back to boring meals for me. My family absolutely loves them! It’s like having a guest chef weekly! Don’t just take my word on it. Try HelloFresh today and get your discount! Click Here for HelloFresh discount.

- Pressure Makes Diamonds