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  • Chanel "Nelly"

Study Tips To Help You Improve Your Skills.....

Have you ever had to study for a job or school and felt like your getting nowhere fast? Check out these study tips below.

Chanel "Nelly"

  • Instead of drowning yourself in energy drinks, drink chocolate milk! Its more effective than most energy drinks on the market.                       

  • Green tea is another great source of caffeine. In a short term it can create a boost during exams. Green tea is a great source for antioxidants & enhancing your concentration.          

  • Study on a late night or early morning. You can retain more during these hours.                                         

  • Reward yourself. Don't sit & read for hours. Read every 20 minutes then get up & take a quick break for 5 -10 mins.               

  • Eat a snack. Fruit is a great source of energy as well. This brain-fueling food can assist in a successful study session.

  • Try these tips & find which works best for you! Remember Pressure makes Diamonds 💎  

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