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Hurricane preparations...

I am urging my readers to make September a month of preparedness. Take this time to get a supply kit for you in your family in the event that disasters strikes. I reside in Florida & we had to be prepared for Hurricane Irma. From listening to the news stations to making sure proper apps are downloaded on our phone, you have to gather it all. The key is to be aware of everything. Local news keeps you well informed of exactly what to expect within your city. A lot of people take this opportunity to price gauge, but if you are properly stocked in advanced you won't have to fall victim to this.

Use September as a month to gather your can goods, perishables, batteries, and flashlights. I can't stress how important it is to be prepared. My family & I were fortunate with no damage or long lasting power outages. I can not say the same for other family & friends in Florida. I've provided simple life hacks my family and I used to get through the storm. I hope they will be as useful to you as it was to me! Pressure makes Diamonds

(More tips can be found at Plan Ahead for Disasters

Life hacks:

1. Candles!! Make sure you have a few candles on deck. You don't realize you need them until the lights are out & the batteries are dead!

2. Turn up your freezer & fridge to the coldest temperature. If you can avoid re-opening constantly, this trick can help save your food!

3. Freeze water in gallon ziplock bags to ensure you have way to keep your freezer cool if you lose power. (Personally, I didn't buy the Ziploc brand. I shopped on a budget and purchased Great Value gallon bags. They were just as durable as any other top brand.

4. Cook your perishable food before the storm, this being your meats, vegetables etc.. If you cook these the day before, those can be your first meals after losing power. Personally I save the perishables for Day two.

5. In the event that your freezer goes out...... I recommend everyone to include a bag of charcoal in their disaster kit.

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