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  • Chanel "Nelly"

How to Rise Above the Nonsense.....

If there is one thing life has taught me it’s that the world owes you nothing. You’ve gotta hold your head high and be unapologetically you. Now that doesn’t mean you’re walking around with a chip on your shoulder. You’ve just mastered the essence of rising above the bullshit. You will encounter those who keep you in their life due to self benefit. In other words, you can eat but only if it’s at their table. You’ll encounter those who dislike you, simply because you’re you. You can rise above the hate and nonsense by identifying the bull crap and staying clear away from the trap. The thing is you can’t listen when you’re talking believe or not. This is the key element to minimizing your involvement in nonsense. Life is sooo short and I don’t know about you but I’m trying to age like Benjamin Button. So in 2019 let’s watch, listen and remove your self from any toxic relationship weighing you down. Remember when you love yourself first everything else falls in line. 💋 Pressure Makes Diamonds

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