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How are you spending your quarantine days at the crib?

After the initial shock, it’s finally settled in, staying at home is the new normal. Who would have known that the simple things we take for granted would be the same things taken away. I can honestly say I missed the days of waking up & taking the kids to school. Now our normal routine has become an all in stay at home agenda. I’ve been working from home for over 6 years now so for me it’s kinda of like business as usual. My boys both are distant learners now and the transition has been quite an experiment. They have different apps we’re getting acclimated on like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, & Flip Grid. We’ve even created fun physical fitness games to keep the whole family fit!! Using the most of your time is the key to not going stir crazy!! Just Dance 2020 is another game that combines fun & fitness. My family and I play this game for hours! Even my youngest knows the routines and gets down on the action. We still have yet to get in on the TikTok action but it’s definitely coming soon.

Oh and the meals..... I don’t believe I’ve ever cooked as much as I have in the past month! Typically I can sneak in a fast food meal or two during the week, but keeping safety in mind I’ve just chosen to cook my own meals. I figured this would be a good way to keep us safe along with other safety precautions or CDC guidelines. If you’ve got any good recipes please fill me in!! I’m almost tapped out of ideas. I’ve made everything from corn beef brisket ramen bowls to southern Mac n cheese, Baked beans & chicken. I’d love to hear your ideas!! In the mean time I’ve just been trying like many others to use this as a period to connect with my family. It’s so unfortunate that the Coronavirus has come through and changed so many people’s lives. Many of us have lost love ones to the battle of this aggressive virus. Watch your local news & abide to your city rules and regulations. If a stay at home order has been issued, do just that. I’ve personally resulted to doing all grocery shopping online from Walmart and Target. So far I’ve had a very smooth process. If you want to limit your time and exposure of being out at store do just that. Your life & others is nothing to gamble with. In the meantime, stay safe, be vigilant, and don’t forget to thank or give back in some small way to our Healthcare Professionals who are putting their lives in risk everyday to help others.

  • Be on the look out for an additional post soon of educational references to use for free during this time. -Pressure Makes Diamonds💎

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