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Fall Fashion 2018 is dope.....PERIOD‼️

Fall Fashion 2018

Leopard print. Did it really even go any where?? This iconic look always keeps you trendy! You can match leopard prints with anything. Fashion is art and you are the canvas. 💋


Plaid prints. This is another must have!!! It’s a look that you can match with about anything. Make a bold statement or wear just enough plaid to make your outfit pop. These are a few of my favorite plaid prints.

This red plaid trench coat is a prime definition of dope fashion in 2018. Purchase at 227 Boutique

High Waist Pants. What can I say? These pants tuck in the love handles and belly fat great!! American Eagle makes one of the best high waist pants on the market at a reasonable price. Click Here to check out the Mom jeans.🍬🍭
I’ve also found that high waist pants with elastic or a flexibility are must have too. Check out the pic below. The pants I’m wearing zip in the back and feel nice and snug around the mid section to assist in tucking it all in‼️💋

Puffer jackets. This is another style that is high demand this winter to keep you looking trendy and warm. 💋 This is a great month to shop sales as most stores start the Black Friday deal early!! When you purchase a puffer jacket your color and style all depends on your taste. I personally like a more edger look so camouflage or even bright colors would suit just fine. Remember why color in the lines when you can create your own vision??? 

- Pressure Makes Diamonds

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