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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends.....

Many people seem to think that being fashionable is buying the most expensive item & rocking it proudly!! No, this is not true what so ever. One of the top secrets to remaining as a fashionista is watching world wide trends. Another major key is to find a style that is suitable for your budget and body frame. So now, you may ask yourself whats hot & what's not?? Well Fall of 2017 is here & there are quite a few styles to watch. Floral prints are a big hit this year. Rather that be on dresses, skirts, or tops, trust me....this is a hot go to look for the fall.

Faux fur vest is also another look to watch. Check Out

Victorian collars are an upscale version of a turtle neck. This too is a look that is definitely trendy. 

Ruffled tops are another great find in either long sleeve or none at all! You can let those shoulders out, and still look classy at the same time. 

Sunglasses/cat shades are absolute must fall item!! I'm in Florida so we rock shades all year long....

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