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Being a Mom or engaging in a career....Which do you choose?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

So you've just had your child, you're excited and gleaming from the thought of motherhood. While holding you're baby the next active thoughts in mind are support. No matter you're setting or culture being able to support you're family is a must. You're at a crossroad between a career or being a full time mommy. Well let's be clear, you believe you're at a crossroad to make a life changing position. In 2017 ladies you can tackle whatever you put your mind to. Having a plan truly goes a long way. If you work 9-5 sit down and work out a schedule with allotted time for each task you take on. (Check out the time management sheet below. I've personally used this to get my own schedule in order.)

That meaning from the time your feet hit the floor ,until your back in that bed make a schedule!!! I find that things run so much smoother when you've plan ahead. If you're like myself & are extremely swayed from the idea of being rushed & that sense of urgency...plan it out. Your family will thank you for all the attentiveness. With my little one, from the time he was born I set out to plan ahead. From pre-planning meals to ironing clothes for the following day, you can get it all done. I hate that many think that you must choose between your career & family, when its really not so. That way of thinking is straight old school. In 2017, you just have to make your situation work for you. Never say what you can't do. Make it your goal to overcome all obstacles thrown your way & see how the universe repays you. Remember, Pressure makes Diamonds.

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